Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taste of London: Regents Park

I ruuuuv food. I ruv fine dining, but not the rip-me-off-and-take-my-money-please type of fine dining. The Taste Festivals are the perfect way of sampling food at otherwise unaffordable restaurants. I'm also happy to hear that that the festivals have reached the Antipodes. Yay! *clap clap*

So happy to eat food!

Well I was hoping for a sunny, summer's day but of course, we got nothing of the sort. At least it wasn't too cold or worse yet - raining. The restaurants on show this year included Pearl, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Le Gavroche and Salt Yard. I wish I kept the menu of the food on offer from each of the exhibitors but hmmm I threw it out once I was full. The £20 worth of Crowns (the festival's currency) included with my ticket didn't seem like much given that dishes cost about 4 - 8 Crowns each. But when we realised that £20 was 40 Crowns, that seemed allllll the much better.

My first dish - Monkfish. From which restaurant, I don't know, maybe Zilli. I love monkfish.

Mmmm scallops. Smell soooo good....

Judging from the sign in the background, one can only assume that this the pork roast from Canteen.

So I'm assuming that this pork roast roll with apple sauce is also from Canteen. Succulent? Yes, indeed.

Can't wait to eat up!

The one dish I do know. A 'classic lobster creamed soup flavoured with brandy' from Le Gavroche. I only know this because Kahoons has it on facebook. Soup doesn't look anything fancy but there was small lobster tail in the bottom. Tasty too!

Another one from Le Gavroche. Braised beef with scalloped potatoes. Very heavy food but tasty nonetheless. The meat was so tender and just melted in your mouth.

My dessert of choice. Chocolate mousse from Joel Robuchon. They had these amazing mini hamburgers but had run out by the time I got there :(

Doesn't sound like I disliked any of the dishes I sampled eh? It probably helps that I'm not particularly fussy. Afterwards we walked around the stalls to sample wine, spirits, cakes, chocolate and anything else that was thrust in our face. Fresh Spanish jamon was available right off the pig's leg:

Kicking it to ya, piggy-style.

A novelty sized soy sauce bottle. Me getting sucked in by novelty-sized objects.

For those with an appreciation for food, this will be a great afternoon out. Anyone who is fussy and unadventurous, you might as well crawl under a rock and eat your plain food. I can't wait to go again next year!

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