Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Jube is Coming!

You know something's going on when there is a giant photograph of the Royal Family completely covering the Sea Containers House (not a small building!).  Yup, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations are coming up very soon!  
I had no idea that the Jubilee would coincide with my trip and up until last week, I didn't know what it signified.  A lot of pomp and pageantry it seems!  More cynically so, it is the celebration of person who descended from inbreeding plunderers and by her birthright ('better blood') inherited the privilege of sitting on a throne as the Head of State of several countries all over the world.  We're celebrating that she's managed to sit there for 60 years and only the second monarch after Queen Victoria to do so.  Yippee!!  It is really quite an offensive concept, isn't it!?

Just like the Royal Wedding last year, in the face of an offensive concept, I question why I have any interest in the Royal Family.  I know the answer now - I love kitsch.  I can't help but get into the mood when I see the shops full of Union jacks, bunting, corgi and QEII themed biscuits, cakes, mugs, plates and rubbishy knick knacks.  I'm a sucker for useless knick knacks.  

There's a bonus four day weekend in June too!  I'm on holidays so that doesn't matter much to me though.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hermès: Leather Forever

The Hermès: Leather Forever exhibit was recommended to me by Mimsta had visited twice already and mentioned that for a free event, it was very interesting.  I had never really given Hermes much thought but I can appreciate a behind the scenes production and so I thought I'd catch it before it shut up shop on Sunday.  
Walking up the grand staircase of Burlington Gardens. 

A ostrich leather rhino greets me at the entrance. 

Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside.  Boo, but you can see some pics here.  What I hadn't realised before is that each Hermès bag is handmade and handstitched by a long-serving single artisan, not merely 'just another employee'.  They even had two women sitting there, each making a handbag in front of us answering any queries we had.  I stood there fascinated for about 20 minutes.  I wasn't being weird!  There were other women who had clearly been watching for much longer.  I continued on peering at old and new handbags along with other leathergoods.  Most impressive was a winged leather saddle made specifically for a Japanese rock band.

The worst part about this exhibit was how much it made me want a Hermès bag!  I left really, really pining for one.  Good advertising Hermès!  (Or maybe I'm just another woman who loves handbags.  Yeah, that's probably it.)  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leisure Time In London

And poof!  I'm back in London.  What's even better is that Summer seems to have kicked in early (don't worry, I know this is temporary) and I thought it be best I take advantage of this while it lasts.  I shuffled over to the Tate Modern, undecided about paying for the Damien Hirst exhibit.  I mean, I don't really appreciate modern art so I thought I would just wander inside the Tate and make up my mind while there. 
Move out of the way people!!  One of Hirst's works outside, Hymn.   

In the end I saw that they were exhibiting For the Love of God for free so I lined up for that, ooh-ed and aah-ed at all it's sparkleness and decided, 'Yep, I've had my Hirst fix so I won't go into the paying exhibit'.  Unfortunately, no photos of the diamond skull were allowed.  I did end up wandering around on the floor though.  
A very phallic piece indeed.  Louise Bourgeois' Fillette

 Something that reminded me of poo-poo.  I can't remember what it was called.

Hymn enjoying the view.  Luvely! 

Now to enjoy the rest of my time in London! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

McFeast Lives On!

I bemoaned the removal of the McFeast not too long ago.  Today I realised the enormity of my stupidity.  I stated in my blog that a McFeast is just a Quarter Pounder with lettuce and tomato.  So.... WHY NOT ORDER A QUARTER POUNDER AND ASK FOR EXTRA LETTUCE AND TOMATO?!?!
Yesiree, I had an epiphany in the Macca's queue. 

I can now enjoy a McFeast FOREVER!!!!  (As long as they still make Quarter Pounders.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

AW & BK's Wedding

Following on from last weekend's hens party, we arrive at AW and BK's wedding.  The day started early for us women because it takes a lot of time to turn us hags into hotness.  

The boys arrived from some wedding door games and bargaining for the bride.  
A waxed leg is a experience men must endure in order to appreciate the pain of beauty.  I don't wake up with hairless legs you know! 

Our beautiful bouquets.

After all the fun and games and respective tea ceremonies, we made our way to the park for the civil ceremony.  
Making my way up the aisle.  My extreme high heels had me paranoid about sinking into the grass or worse, falling on my face.  

The gang at the rotunda.

Can't wipe that cartoon smile off her face! 

After more prancing around the park and more shots at Sydney's tourist landmarks, we headed to the reception for our banquet and partying. 
Our bridal table. 


Yeah, JT and I bringing sexy back!! 

Photobooth fun!  All I can see are my nostrils. 

Our tired feet receiving a well earned break from the stiletto heels. 

Aaaah with the rest of the Sydney gang around, it was just like being in uni again!  Good friends and good fun.  A big thanks to AW and BK for letting me be a part of their wedding and to JT for being a most awesome maid in crime! 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hen's Weekend

JT and I rocked up to Sydney this weekend for AW's hens party.  I read a newspaper article which likened organising a Hens Party to herding cats.  I can relate!  We had to herd 30 cats/women! 

JT, AW and I began the weekend with a relaxing spa session at Panpuri.  It's a been years since my last dayspa session anywhere and I really enjoyed being pampered.  I can totally understand why Ladies of Leisure remain so!

Once we were buffed and polished, off we went to The Loft for high tea.  
Most of the food was acceptable but they served the worst creme brulee I've ever had.  It was runny - bleah! 


Afterwards we trotted over to the Astral Apartments at the newly revamped Star City casino.  Oh but now it's a bit more fancy pants and is now known as 'The Star'.  
 JT had set up a nice selection of antipasto and finger foods to get us through the night. 

Cupcakes for all the hens to take home. 

The rest of the night is censored because there a lot of NSFW photos out there.  To get an idea of the shenanigans we got up to, just one phrase - man slaves.  

The following day we got our artisan baking hats on at private session at Brasserie Bread.  Yes, instead of the typical scraggy pole dancing and life drawing classes of other hens parties, this was a nice mellow activity.
Making our own caramelised garlic bread.  Seriously THE nicest garlic bread I've ever tasted!  Yum! 

Making our dinner rolls and a fancy looking baguette.

No, not an S&M session.  While our bread was baking we were divided in teams and subject to a sensory challenge.  Winning group won a hamper!  My group lost :(

Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch in the cafe all to ourselves and played a few hen quizzes.
Then we collected our bread!  We were also given free reign to take as much bread as we liked from today's unsold stock.  If I had a good reason for taking more bread, I would have.  

Next weekend - the wedding!