Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Jube is Coming!

You know something's going on when there is a giant photograph of the Royal Family completely covering the Sea Containers House (not a small building!).  Yup, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations are coming up very soon!  
I had no idea that the Jubilee would coincide with my trip and up until last week, I didn't know what it signified.  A lot of pomp and pageantry it seems!  More cynically so, it is the celebration of person who descended from inbreeding plunderers and by her birthright ('better blood') inherited the privilege of sitting on a throne as the Head of State of several countries all over the world.  We're celebrating that she's managed to sit there for 60 years and only the second monarch after Queen Victoria to do so.  Yippee!!  It is really quite an offensive concept, isn't it!?

Just like the Royal Wedding last year, in the face of an offensive concept, I question why I have any interest in the Royal Family.  I know the answer now - I love kitsch.  I can't help but get into the mood when I see the shops full of Union jacks, bunting, corgi and QEII themed biscuits, cakes, mugs, plates and rubbishy knick knacks.  I'm a sucker for useless knick knacks.  

There's a bonus four day weekend in June too!  I'm on holidays so that doesn't matter much to me though.  

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mallymoodle said...

Pooey, I had a dream that you updated your blog.

Alas, dreams don't come true.